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Title: Basketball Star
Characters: N, Hilda/White/Touyo, Hilbert/Black/Touya
Notes: N's got that basketball court in his room for good reason. Warning: Possible spoilers for those who haven't reached the castle.

N opened his eyes and, just for a moment, hated reality.Collapse )

Feb. 19th, 2011

Title: Letters to a Letter Bee
Character: Lag Seeing, mentions of Gauche Suede and Aunt Sabrina
Notes: First time writing for this fandom! It needs more, there's so little compared to my other ones... Little Lag and his attempts at writing a letter, his heart, to Gauche.

'Have you ever written anyone a letter?'Collapse )
Title: Two Sides to Every Gold Coin
Characters: Flynn Scifo
Notes: The young upstart's just that - an upstart to most of the older knights, while the young tend to admire him. They've got a few things to say about him, and ale loosens the tongues of even the stoniest of men.

'Why, I bet he'd lick the boot of any man here if it got him a fast promotion.'Collapse )
Title: Breadwinners
Characters: Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo
Notes: Got the idea from eating bread, naturally, and I've been wanting to write something about their childhoods like this. Say they're about eight or nine, still pretty young enough to be thought of as innocent.

'Maybe, but I wouldn't have done it with the shopkeeper right there.'Collapse )
Title: Comfortable
Characters: Flynn Scifo, Yuri Lowell
Notes: Sometimes the most comfortable of times aren't when you're wealthy, if you're in a high rank of power or the like of materialistic things, but with the people you hold dear.

It was in these few, quiet moments that Flynn could really say he felt at peace.Collapse )
Title: Schoolyard Troubles
Characters: Flynn, Yuri, Zagi + Alexei shown once.
Notes: Modern AU, childhood. Flynn's first time in detention gets him a black eye, a split lip, and -- a new friend?

It was the first time he'd gotten detention.Collapse )
Title: Forte
Characters: Karol Capel, Yuri Lowell
Notes: Part three of Harmony! A down-on-his-luck trumpeter gets a burst of confidence from someone he wouldn't expect it from and in the process makes a friend out of the tough-looking pianist, though he feels there's more to the man than he let on.

'Then you'll have a hell of a time during your concerts.' The man shrugged and leaned back against the door. 'Most of them are just there for the composer though, so don't sweat it.'Collapse )
Title: Piano
Characters: Estelle Sidos Heurassien, Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo
Notes: Second part to the Harmony series I'm working on. This time, it's a young rich girl who steps out of her way to meet the mysterious piano-virtuoso she's heard so much about, and she's not disappointed.

'You're Flynn's friend, right?'Collapse )